Ian Madill

A vote for me is a voice for you, your family and our community.

Our Economy

Taxes and fees

  • I will fight for the lowering of property taxes during this post pandemic economic recovery and vehemently oppose any increases in City related taxes, programs or service fees this term.
  • I will promote property tax relief programs for seniors and other homeowners on fixed or low income.


  • I will champion the expansion of the Carp Road Corridor as a Rural Economic Opportunity District and commit to advocating for existing businesses, as well as new start-ups respecting the character of rural communities.
  • I will lead the call for the growth of agri-tourism initiatives in West Carleton-March such as wineries, breweries, glamping venues, on-farm experiences, country bed and breakfasts and other creative enterprises that enhance and highlight our beautiful countryside while bolstering our economy through tourism and small business dollars.

Our Environment

Roads and Infrastructure

  • I will push for the improvement of our roadways through the redirecting of rural based tax dollars from urban public transit initiatives that aren’t available in our Ward and seek to have them redirected towards road maintenance in rural areas which are severely neglected.

Greenspace and Development

  • I believe communal access to our vast greenspaces must be protected to preserve our landscape. I will push to ensure any new developments should act to preserve our rural identity, outdoor lifestyle, and commitment to green spaces for both personal and communal uses.
  • I will fight to protect the rural character of our communities while promoting strategic economic growth. While growth within our Ward is possible and advantageous from both an economic and social standpoint, it must be done thoughtfully and in respect of rural ways of life.

Our Social Well-Being


  • For a community to thrive, I believe its residents must benefit from sound physical and mental health: youth, seniors, adults, and families alike. While promoting affordable recreation fees, I will consult with our communities in determining what activities and facilities are lacking and create an action plan to ensure we can all benefit from physical activity and the social bonds it creates.

Mental Health Supports

  • Our community, like the rest of Canada and the world in general is affected by rising rates of mental illness. The pandemic and other recent natural disasters only fueled this crisis.  As we begin to settle into our new normal, we need to ensure that access to mental health services and supports is available to all residents when needed.  I am fully committed and passionate about consulting with you on what supports and services are required towards creating an action plan that advocates for the provision of those services’ availability and affordability in West Carleton-March.


  • In addition to the mental health crisis, our community has been negatively affected by rising housing costs and homelessness. I commit to voting for a decrease in water utility bills at the municipal level and to advocate provincially to the Ontario Energy Board to halt increases in energy rate hikes for the next 4 years while we recover economically from the devastation brought on by the pandemic and other natural disasters. 
  • For those experiencing homelessness in our City, a real but invisible reality in Ward 5, I will support housing and homelessness initiatives, with special attention to the needs of seniors while working with provincial partners to ensure their prioritization in housing placement, as well as aging in place initiatives.
  • I will spearhead the creation of an action plan that promotes responsible intensification while respecting the rural landscape by promoting multifamily dwelling units in new developments and advocate for incentives for community members to construct secondary suites or coach houses allowing for more affordable housing options in the Ward, as well as added income dollars for families in these difficult economic times.

First Responders

  • I will advocate for an increase in the budget for more police officers, rural based paramedics, and rural volunteer fire fighters with an added focus on mental health training and supports for these groups so greatly affected by their service in general but further exasperated by their tireless efforts throughout the pandemic and other recent natural disasters.